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Eight things you must know to help SMT patches

1. Effective communication

There is nothing more important than clear and effective communication with your SMT patch factory. In fact, when providing you with information on new product technologies, industry best practices, etc., they may be your valuable resources. As for internal communication within the company, please ensure that all content is arranged clearly. The codes, polarity markings, etc. in each section should draw your attention. Similarly, please ensure that polarity markings are not exchanged between the positive and negative poles, especially for LED polarity markings. Also ensure that reference indicators do not appear in channels and other locations where the text may be damaged and difficult to read.

2. Structure

To ensure that there are no issues during the installation process of PCBA, it is important to adhere to tested standards. For example, you want to check which type of PCB coating or copper is heavy. It is recommended to adhere to using three benchmarks with the same component direction.

3. Production costs

It is best to find ways to optimize production costs as early as possible. However, it is important to measure the pros and cons associated with each decision. For example, local printed circuit board assembly may be a possible way to reduce costs. What you need to remember is that parts below standard parts pose risks, as this not only offsets cost advantages but also proves to be risky in terms of company reputation. Another aspect that needs to be noted is the delay in timely delivery, as this can also result in costly consequences.

4. Naming

Another very important thing to note is the labeling of components in the design. Ensure that all components in the design are labeled correctly and numbered correctly. This will address any issues caused by terminology differences.

5. Availability parts

You absolutely do not want a situation where the design is already ready, but cannot move forward due to the unavailability of a specific part or its exclusive procurement. It is best to use widely available parts to avoid wasting valuable time.

6. Circuit board efficiency

The improved circuit board efficiency requires you to adhere to the standard circuit board size as much as possible. For example, the ideal values are 406mm x 508mm and 305mm x 457mm. Bigger does not always mean better. Although large boards are easier to wire, they may mean increased costs. On the other hand, although small boards may be easier to inspect, adding additional layers may increase costs. Therefore, it is best to choose a standard size. Similarly, a well-designed component footprint is another necessary condition.

7. Pay attention to manufacturing issues

Placing large parts next to smaller parts may have heat dissipation issues. For example, a large portion may not allow a small portion of the solder to completely melt. Similarly, the internal copper layer can only overlap on a portion. Pay attention to these heat generation issues to ensure that there are no errors that occur later than the entire project is suspended.

8. Carefully check all documents

Last but not least, carefully check all files before sending them. Ensure that the bill of materials has been updated. If you are sending a parts kit, it will help to cross check the order and part numbers of all parts for correct labeling.

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