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Shenzhen Yilian Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional one-stop circuit board OEM manufacturer, with a good reputation and multiple leading domestic circuit board partners. Our PCBA processing services start from PCB circuit board production, focusing on the quality of circuit boards and the PCBA quality control system. We can provide technologically advanced and customer-oriented services based on customer needs, avoiding the inconvenience of a single supplier in terms of production capacity, positioning, and geography, and saving customers the cost of certification and management for multiple suppliers. It has obvious advantages in short-term response, cost control, and production of special types of PCB boards. There is a strict quality control process from raw material inspection, engineering document production, to finished product inspection. The company has an expedited parts and difficulty board team to provide strong support for expedited parts and difficulty boards, and has delivery time and price advantages in batch prices.

Processing capacity:

 sample platebatch
Number of plies2-32 L2-58 L
Plate thickness0.5-17.5mm0.6-10mm
Minimum mechanical aperture0.1mm0.2mm
Minimum laser aperture3mil4mil
HDI type1+n+1、2+n+2、3+n+31+n+1、2+n+2
Minimum Line Width&Spacing3/3mil4/4mil
Impedance control+/-5%+/-10%
Maximum copper thickness12oz6oz
Maximum board size18:116:1
Maximum board size650mm X 1130mm610mm X 1100mm
panelFR4/Hi-Tg/Rogers/Halogen Free/RCC/PTFE/Nelco/Mixed pressure material
surface treatmentHASL、HASL PB FREE 
           Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver 
           Gold Finger Plating 
           OSP、Immersion Gold + OSP 
Special processingBuried blind holes, step grooves, metal substrates, buried resistors, buried capacitors, mixed voltage, soft hard bonding, back drilling, etc             

Delivery date:

Templatebatchsample plateUrgent
two-sided9 days5 days48 hours
4 layers10 days5 days3 days
6 layers12 days6 days3 days
8 layers12 days7 days4 days
10 layers14 days10 days4 days
12 layers 14 days10 days5 days
14 layers16 days12 days6 days
16 layers16 days12 days6 days
18 layers18 days14 days6 days
20 layers18 days14 days10 days
22 layers20 days14 days10 days
24 layers20 days14 days10 days
26 layers20 days14 days10 days
28 layers20 days14 days10 days
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Service hotline:

Service hotline:18926049292
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Address:4th Floor, Building 8, Rundongsheng Industrial Park, Longteng Community, Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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