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We have multiple professional SMT senior engineers and over 10 years of experience in the production of communication boards, industrial control boards, automotive boards, and medical boards in the industry; Having a complete process control process, especially adding some special control measures in the control process of complex products, to ensure the functional straight-through rate of the product; During the prototype trial production or small batch trial production process, design defects in the product layout process or process defects in the PCB manufacturing process can be discovered, and improvement measures or suggestions can be proposed; For prototype or small batch trial production, able to meet customer needs and meet rapid delivery; At the same time, the factory has BGA ball planting and BGA repair capabilities, and can process various electronic components such as QFP and BGA (minimum 0201, ball diameter 0.25mm, spacing greater than 0.3mm) with SMT.

Service advantage: PCBA one-stop procurement reduces communication and quotation between multiple suppliers, reduces communication costs, and controls management risks. A professional technical, management, and service team that matches customer needs and gains customer trust.

Cost advantage: Centralized procurement enables small and medium-sized customers to become VIP customers for suppliers. Fast inventory with batching according to orders, reducing inventory stagnation and reducing inventory management costs

Quality control advantages: A professional PCB and component procurement team, integrated and optimized component resources, improved material cost-effectiveness, formal material channels, ensuring efficient and stable product performance, and guaranteed delivery.

Processing capacity:

Fully automatic printing machine
Printing accuracy±0.025mm
Repetitive accuracy±0.01mm
Minimum steel mesh size470*380mm
Maximum steel mesh size737*737mm
Platform adjustment rangeX:±4mm,Y:±6mm
Platform adjustment angle±2°
Minimum size of single board50*50mm
Maximum size of single board610*600mm
PCB thickness0.4-5mm
PCB weight0-3kg
Solder paste inspectionEquipped with 2D online inspection
Squeegee Pressure1-10KG
FUJI SMT machine
Rotating head12 suction nozzles
Minimal packaging that can be pasted01005
Feida configurationElectric Feida
Chip PCB thickness0.3-6.5mm
Maximum PCB size for SMD686*508mm
Minimum size PCB50*50mm
Soft boardStickable
BGA minimum packaging0.4mm
Placement accuracyMinimum device accuracy ± 0.04mm IC type chip accuracy ± 0.03mm
Installation speed25000 points/hour
Throwing rate

1. Resistance and capacitance class 0.3% (batch index)

2. IC type no throwing material

Reflux furnace temperature zone 10. The maximum size and length of the PCBA board passing through the reflux furnace are unlimited, with a width of 50-420mm. The temperature control range is from room temperature to 300 °, and the temperature control accuracy is ± 1%. The PCB board temperature distribution deviation is ± 1.5 °. Parameter reserve is 80G. The reflux furnace transportation speed is 300-2000mm/min, and the cooling method is air-cooled. The auxiliary equipment is equipped with a self equipped furnace temperature testing system and a furnace temperature tester. The PCB board component height is 15mm above/50mm below, and the inspection resolution is 20%

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Service hotline:

Service hotline:18926049292
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Address:4th Floor, Building 8, Rundongsheng Industrial Park, Longteng Community, Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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